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In 2004, we gave birth to Kryon Records Company, a record label and music production company specializing in music for fitness.
Our music CD's were released in the United States, Taiwan, Argentina, etc. but especially in Japan they were a total success of sales for more than 10 years.
Due to a radical change in the music industry that was the almost disappearance of CD's as a sales format, we quickly adapted to the new times and began to sell our productions in digital downloads (MP3), being one of the first to start trading in this new modality.

In 2016, we gave birth to Wow! Fitness Music to be the official fitness music brand of Kryon Records and Kryon Records is now a record producer of all kinds of music (no longer just music for fitness), and music services for other companies.

Welcome to our familiy and enjoy our music!

Wow! Fitness Music powered by Kryon Records Company.

Wow! Fitness Music

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