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What does this license include? 1 - includes a non-exclusive license to use up to 20 songs in one video or post of your Instagram and Tik Tok and Facebook. You have to purchase first a premixed album in the section ROYALTY FREE MUSIC/PREMIXED ALBUMS or you have to purchase our Mix-Ready Royalty free music in the section LICENSE ROYALTY FREE MUSIC at LICENSE MUSIC in this website. The price you will see in the section ROYALTY FREE MUSIC/PREMIXED ALBUMS which is $9.99 USD per album and in the section LICENSE ROYALTY FREE MUSIC/MIX-READY SONGS at LICENSE MUSIC, which is $0.99 per song, includes only the free public performance of our royalty-free music, to be used in your group fitness classes at the gym. For that reason, if you want to use one of our royalty free music pre-mixed albums or our royalty free music mix-ready songs in one of your Youtube videos, you must also buy this non-exclusive license. The songs are for non-exclusive use. That means the songs always belong to Wow! Fitness Music in perpetuity, and we can sell the same songs to as many people as want to buy them. The license you are buying here is not the exclusive use of our music, but the permission to use our music in one of your videos. This license also includes that you can publish the same video or post with our music in the 3 social networks. If you need to use the same song again but in a different video (a new one) or a differente post (a new one) you must purchase this license again. 2- Before your purchase please complete in this page, your information required and the name of the songs you will use in your project so that we can draw up the license agreement. 3- You must write in the credits "Music by Wow! Fitness Music - Kryon Records"

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You can do it by licensing our music. It was never SO EASY!

1- Choose between Royatly Free Music or Famous Cover Songs 2- If choose Royalty Free Music: a) Purchase the songs + b) purchase the licenses If you choose Famous Cover Songs: Only Purchase the songs (licenses are included) 3- Receive your instant downloads + licenses after approved payment, sign the licenses, email us the signed licenses and start your own project! Just right now!

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In 2004, we gave birth to Kryon Records Company, a record label and music production company specializing in music for fitness.
Our music CD's were released in the United States, Taiwan, Argentina, etc. but especially in Japan they were a total success of sales for more than 10 years.
Due to a radical change in the music industry that was the almost disappearance of CD's as a sales format, we quickly adapted to the new times and began to sell our productions in digital downloads (MP3), being one of the first to start trading in this new modality.

In 2016, we gave birth to Wow! Fitness Music to be the official fitness music brand of Kryon Records. Kryon Records is the music producer of Wow! Fitness Music and now also from other Music Companies around the world.

Welcome to our familiy! Enjoy our music!

Wow! Fitness Music powered by Kryon Records Company.

Wow! Fitness Music

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