What does this license include? 1 - Includes a single non-exclusive song license for use in a Movie. You must first purchase a song in the MUSIC LICENSE>LICENSE MIX-READY ROYALTY FREE MUSIC section on this website. How to choose the songs: First of all, you have to buy our music in " License Mix-Ready Royalty Free Music" section on this website. The price you will see in that section which is $0.99 USD per song includes only the free public performance of our royalty-free music, to be used in your group fitness classes at the gym. For that reason, if you want to use our music in a massive project like a movie, you must also buy this non-exclusive license. The songs are for non-exclusive use. That means the songs always belong to Wow! Fitness Music in perpetuity, and we can sell the same songs to as many people as want to buy them. The license you are buying here is not the exclusive use of our music, but the permission to use our music in one of your videos. If you wish to buy an exclusive license please contact to Kryon Records Company www.kryonrecords.com 2- Before your purchase please complete in this page, your information required and the name of the song you will use in your project so that we can draw up the license agreement. 3- You must write in the credits "Music by Wow! Fitness Music - Kryon Records www.wowfitnessmusic.com"

$2999 $10000-70.01%

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