The price of this service includes a Mix Album of up to 20 songs / 1 hour. We mix your music album for you. Please send us the song list and BPM. Songs must be selected from: A) our site: LICENSE MUSIC > LICENSE ROYALTY FREE MUSIC > MIX READY or LICENSE MUSIC > LICENSE FAMOUS COVER SONGS > MIX READY or B) All Music Companies of the World. If you need to mix fitness music that is not on 32 count, please first purchase the EDITING services to convert it into 32 count music and then you can purchase this "Mixing your album" Services. Attention: This service is for mixing an album only. Our company will not use the songs sent by the client in absolutely anything. The responsibility for paying royalties and licensing to the song rights owner rests with the customer who sends us the songs for mixing an album.

$89 $300-70.33%

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